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Beyond Creation: How Savage Media Became a Results-Driven Marketing Agency

Savage Media didn't start out as a marketing agency. We began our journey as a video production company, collaborating with marketing agencies, companies, and internal marketing departments.

Our primary focus was to create engaging videos that resonated with the intended audience, leaving a lasting impression.

However, we soon encountered a disheartening reality. Despite our dedication and meticulous efforts, the videos we poured our hearts and souls into were often uploaded to platforms like YouTube, only to fade into obscurity.


A Paradigm Shift: Inspired by the Desire to Drive Results

This repeated experience crushed us. We felt the pain of unacknowledged content, and it motivated us to transform our approach. We decided to shift our focus towards becoming masters of implementing video for businesses, aiming to deliver exceptional returns on our clients' investment.

We understood that creating outstanding content was only the first step. What truly mattered was ensuring that the content we produced achieved its intended purpose and generated tangible outcomes.


Bruce Banner to Hulk

Today, as a marketing agency and consultancy, we collaborate with clients from the inception of a video project. We no longer view ourselves as mere video producers but as strategic partners invested in our clients' success.

By adopting a marketing consultant role, we gained a deeper understanding of their goals and objectives. We recognize that every video has a purpose beyond its creation. Our primary aim is to help clients achieve a high return on their investment in video content and fully report on how that video content helped directly affect pertinent KPI's.


What Get's Measured Gets Done

One of the cornerstones of our approach is our ability to track and measure the impact of video content. We provide clients with comprehensive insights into who watches their videos, the actions taken as a result, and whether viewers convert into customers.

By analyzing customer behavior and conversion metrics, we offer clients a clear understanding of the financial gains directly attributable to their video projects. With detailed data, we can demonstrate the effectiveness and profitability of video content down to the last penny.


Create With Intent

The most critical lesson we've learned on our journey is the importance of having a plan for content distribution. We believe that content creation is essential, whether it's videos, written reports, or any other format. However, video content holds a special place in the modern digital landscape. To ensure its success, a comprehensive strategy is vital.

As a marketing agency and business owners ourselves, we strive to go beyond the hope and uncertainty associated with content distribution. Our aim is to empower clients to maximize the impact of their content by understanding how it is consumed, tracking its performance, and demonstrating a clear return on investment.

Our commitment lies in giving every piece of content the best chance to succeed, ensuring that efforts and expenses devoted to content creation are rewarded with tangible results.


The Golden Touch

Savage Media is proud to be recognized as a HubSpot Gold Partner. One of only 3 in the state of Indiana. This prestigious status demonstrates our expertise in digital marketing and sales automation.

As a trusted partner, we excels in implementing and optimizing HubSpot's powerful suite of tools to drive exceptional results for their clients. With access to exclusive resources and support, we can consistently deliver effective strategies that attract, engage, and convert leads into loyal customers. With all the tool and dashboards nessassary to show ROI for every marketing dollar we invest for a client. 


The Orchestra is Starting to Play (wrap it up already)...

Our transformation from a video production company to a marketing agency was driven by our desire to help businesses achieve real results with their content. We understand that creating content is just the beginning; the real magic lies in what happens afterward.

By guiding our clients through the process, we empower them to unleash the full potential of their content and achieve remarkable returns on their investment. So, remember, regardless of the type of content you create, always have a well-defined plan for its distribution and make informed decisions based on data to ensure your content's success.

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