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The Inbound Methodology

At Savage Media, we practice an Inbound methodology to marketing. Simply put, Inbound is a philosophy that focuses on creating helpful content for your audience, causing them to view your brand as a valuable resource.

By providing useful answers to questions that your audience has and giving valuable resources without requiring them to become a customer first, a company who practices Inbound Marketing is able to position themselves as a trusted advisor to their prospects, and ultimately win their trust. And because every sale is a race to trust, companies who practice Inbound Marketing tend to have a much easier time throughout the sales process.

Why the Traditional Sales Funnel is Broken

Traditionally, sales and marketing teams have used the analogy of a funnel to describe their processes.  Marketing would own the top of the funnel, and sales would own the bottom.  Marketing would only be concerned with generating new leads, and sales would only be concerned with closing them.

The problem with this approach is that it divides the efforts of the two teams and causes potential customers to fall out of the bottom of the funnel, never to be seen again.

The funnel model is fundamentally broken when applied to a growth strategy, as leads get worked and forgotten about by sales, and marketing is only concerned with generating new leads, regardless of their quality.

Broken sales funnel



Enter the Flywheel

A flywheel is a mechanical device designed to preserve and release momentum. As customers are added, momentum grows, attracting even more customers and causing even more momentum.

In a flywheel model, sales and marketing are on the same team with the same revenue-based goal.

As leads get introduced to sales, they are either converted to customers or dispositioned and circulated back to marketing so the relationship can be nurtured. Leads no longer fill out of the bottom of the funnel, and the sales team has a steady flow of inbound leads that are ready to talk to them.


Giving Your Audience What They Demand

By using the inbound marketing approach, we are bringing your audience to you instead of bombarding them with information they don’t want. Your customers have a problem they want solved, we make that easy for them by answering the right questions, at the right time, to the right audience.

We use this approach to form a human connection between your customers and your brand. You want it to be easy for customer to turn into a promoter by giving them a good experience.







When it all Comes Together

When sales and marketing align, revenue increases, the sales cycle shortens, and conversion rates improve. In order to have a truly coordinated sales and marketing team, everything must be in sync, including technology, roles, and goals.

For maximum results we operate along side sales in a shared CRM to create automations and workflows that allows sales to work every lead efficiently and optimally. Then we hold ourselves to the same goal as sales - revenue.

When marketing and sales are in alignment it creates a frictionless flywheel sending prospects down the path of becoming customers.

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Taking the First Step

We have a consultative process that each prospective client must go through. Because we know each client is different, with different needs, we cater to you specifically. This gives us a chance to see the big picture.

We want to know exactly who your company is and what it offers.  Only then can we develop the strategy that will help you succeed.

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