Our Approach

A Marketing Consultancy that Empowers

Focusing on your brand's "why", we combine inbound methodology and platform consulting to empower your team for success, driving growth and enhancing connections with your target audience.

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The Inbound Methodology

At Savage Media, we specialize in guiding our clients through adopting the Inbound methodology—a powerful strategy that emphasizes creating genuinely helpful content for your audience, thereby positioning your brand as an indispensable resource.

This approach involves answering your audience's queries and offering valuable resources upfront, without the immediate expectation of conversion. By helping our clients become trusted advisors in their fields, we lay the groundwork for building solid trust with potential customers. This foundational trust is critical in sales, making the Inbound strategy a key facilitator for a smoother sales journey for our clients.

Traditional Sales Funnel

Traditionally, sales and marketing teams have used the analogy of a funnel to describe their processes.  

The funnel model is fundamentally broken when applied to a growth strategy, as leads get worked and either convert or fall out, and marketing is only concerned with generating new leads, regardless of their quality.


Evolve To The Flywheel

A flywheel is a mechanical device designed to preserve and release momentum.

Leads are either converted to customers or dispositioned and circulated back to marketing so they can be nurtured. Services then focuses on supporting and empowering customers to reach their goals. Turning them into evangelists for your company.

flyweheel with savage media


Give Your Prospects What They Want


By employing an inbound marketing strategy, we attract your audience to you, rather than depending on intrusive sales tactics. Your prospects are looking for solutions to their problems, and we facilitate this by providing the right answers, at the right time, through the appropriate channels.

This approach fosters a human connection between your customers and your brand, making it effortless for customers to become advocates by offering them a positive experience.











When It All Comes Together

When sales and marketing align, revenue increases, the sales cycle shortens, and conversion rates improve. Achieving a truly coordinated sales and marketing team requires complete synchronization, including technology, roles, and goals.

For optimal results, we collaborate closely with sales within a shared CRM to create automations and workflows. This ensures that every lead is worked efficiently and optimally. Moreover, we align our objectives with those of sales, focusing on revenue generation.

The alignment of marketing and sales creates a seamless flywheel effect, smoothly guiding prospects on their journey to becoming customers.