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We create bold brands and winning strategies for companies with ambition



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We create bold brands and winning strategies for companies with ambition.


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First off... Congratulations

Growing a business in today's world is not easy. For every product and service imaginable, you have hundreds of competitors out there fighting for the attention of their audience.

Your audience.

And it's never been harder to rise above the noise.

Customers expect you to have a clear message, custom-tailored to what they need, and if it's not... well they have plenty of other options.



Be Known
Be Understood

If you're going to stand out from the crowd and give your company what it takes to win, you're going to need to have the right message, in front of the right customer, at the right time.

And you're going to need the right team in place to craft that message.

You're going to need someone who gets it.


Meet Your Team

At Savage Media... we get it.

Not only are we a full-service inbound marketing agency that knows how to create a winning brand, but we also have our roots in high-end video production. That means we can help you with a strategy for connecting with your audience AND produce the content that brings your brand to life.

For many of our clients, we're their entire marketing department. We take on the full responsibility of developing the strategy, content, and processes that help them create real, sustainable growth.

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This Is How We Do It

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and Analysis

  • We'll start by researching and defining the demographic and psychographic characteristics of our potential customers.
  • We'll analyze market data to understand the needs, preferences, and behaviors of our target audience.
  • Our team will conduct surveys, interviews, or focus groups to gain insights into customer preferences and pain points.

Develop Your
Marketing Strategy

  • We'll set clear and achievable marketing objectives aligned with our business goals.
  • Our team will brainstorm and articulate our unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate our product/service from competitors.
  • We'll choose the most effective marketing channels based on our target audience's preferences and habits.
  • We'll allocate our marketing budget strategically to maximize ROI.
video camera

Implement Your
Marketing Plan

  • Our team will create compelling marketing materials, including content, advertisements, and promotional campaigns.
  • We'll launch our marketing campaigns across selected channels, ensuring consistency in messaging and branding.
  • We'll closely monitor the performance of our campaigns, tracking metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, and sales.
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and Adjust

  • We'll analyze the results of our marketing efforts, identifying successes and areas for improvement.
  • Our team will assess the effectiveness of our strategies in achieving our objectives and generating ROI.
  • Based on our analysis, we'll make necessary adjustments to our marketing strategies and tactics.
  • We'll continuously refine our approach based on insights gained from evaluation, aiming for continuous improvement over time.

What Clients? We're Glad You Asked ;)

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Sales Optimization

We align sales with marketing to maximize results. 


Brand Identity

Your brand is more than a logo. 



Video Production

We have a full studio because video attracts eyeballs.


So... Are You Ready To Get Savage?

You've put in the long hours and hard work to get your company up and running, and you've seen some success. But if you're going to scale what you've built and achieve real sustainable growth, you're going to need a team of experts on your side. You're going to need to get Savage.

Still not convinced? Listen to what one of our winning clients had to say about working with Savage Media.