Indy Roof Conmpany

How we helped Indy Roof Company dominate their market



Indy Roof Conmpany

How we helped Indy Roof Company dominate their market


When we first met Indy Roof Company, they were a small storm restoration roofing company.  But the owner, Aaron Christy, had big plans.  He wanted to grow Indy Roof Company to be the largest storm restoration roofing company in Indiana, and he wanted to do it in a year. Aaron knew that knocking on doors after a hail storm wouldn't be enough to reach his goal.

Aaron was an avid learner and took in everything about the roofing industry. When he saw that both, “Art of The Supplement Video Podcast” and “The American Contractor Show” were produced by Savage Media, he reached out for our help.

Like with any client, we knew that if we were going to help Aaron reach his goal, that it had to start from a solid understanding of his business and what he was bringing to the table for his customers.   Every company is different, every industry has its nuances and in today’s digital marketing landscape the tools are plentiful. In order to develop the right strategy, we spent an entire month dissecting everything about Indy Roof Company; their internal processes, their current customers, their value proposition, and their ideal target market.  When we were done, we had a 60-page marketing plan coupled with a 12-month strategy that was in line with Indy Roof Company’s sales goals. Our plan was designed to make Indy Roof Company the biggest storm restoration roofing contractor in the state. 






Before you can bring someone into your world, you have to make sure the foundational aspects of your business are in line with what your target audience is looking for. The first thing we did was completely rebuild the Indy Roof Company brand from the ground up.

When Indy Roof Company came to us, they had little to no brand strategy. That made it difficult for project managers when they were trying to be taken seriously and close a prospective homeowner. 

We started from scratch and crafted a new mission statement, created a new logo, new brand colors, new typography, new truck wraps, new yard signs, and new business cards. The website then needed to be rebuilt so it told a story that was set to their target audience. That audience being homeowners who needed a free roof inspection. After that, we put QR codes on marketing collateral such as truck wraps, yard signs, and business cards. This helped drive traffic to their new website, while also being able to track the performance of our marketing efforts.

With the foundational tasks shored up we then focused on sales enablement.  

We began by looking at the sales process. We needed to know how customers got in touch with the company. The original process had the homeowner enter their information on a website form, then someone at Indy Roof Company would call them back and schedule an appointment. With this, there would be times where the person responsible for the return call would be busy and the homeowner, left waiting, would reach out to other roofing companies. 

By removing human error, we put the power of scheduling in the hands of the homeowner. We did this by working with a software company to build a custom calendar that allowed the homeowner to schedule a specific time for their roof inspection. Then we integrated their calendar directly into Indy Roof Company’s CRM and created alerts so project managers would know when and where they needed to be. We even took it one step further and added  an automated email confirmation with a video attachment that let the homeowner know the appointment time they booked had been received and a project manager was to be there at the specified time. An hour before their appointment they received an automated text reminder to their phone. 

Next, we focused on social media ad campaigns. While competitors were spending boatloads of cash running social media ads year-round, we took a surgical approach to the Indy Roof Company ad spend. That meant waiting for a hail event to happen, then using Geo-Targeting to find the homeowners who were directly affected, and only targeting the right people with our ads. This made it possible to reach the affected homeowners within hours after a hailstorm. This had amazing results...the cost of leads dropped to a fraction of the previous price.



Within a year of working with Savage Media, Aaron reached his goal. He was able to move into a large office while growing his team to over 20 people and becoming the biggest storm restoration roofing company in Indiana.



The team at Indy Roof Company continues to grow thanks to Savage Media