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Video Editor/Producer

The thing about Matt, is that he puts so much energy into understanding the brand he’s working with. He then uses that understanding to create attractive video content that tells the right story to the right audience. A video says a lot about a company and is a big responsibility to take on. Being an editor and producer means that he’s the one who plans, organizes, and makes the shoot happen all while editing the footage captured.

Matt joined the Savage Media team after graduating from Ball State University with a Master’s  in Digital Storytelling. There are plenty of marketing companies around Indiana, but Matt chose Savage specifically because of the video production element. He was happy to see there was a studio on-site that would be at his disposal. Not many marketing agencies have the capability to be a one-stop-shop. Knowing that he would be able to do what he loved while actually being hands-on with the production element was a huge green flag for him.

Matt knew in high school he wanted to pursue a career in editing when his school offered a mass media course. Everything about turning multiple video clips into one final product made him excited. When he got to college he realized he could take it one step further and began learning what it took to tell people's stories through the lens of a camera. Setting, lighting, and how to make people feel comfortable on camera were all things he found interesting and challenging. The challenges he’s faced and continues to learn from are what make him an asset to our team.

Since he has been a part of the team, Matt has grown his storytelling skillset and clients have gone crazy for it. He knows how much trust a company is putting in him when telling their story and he doesn’t take that lightly. Before he even starts on a video project he is putting in the work to grasp the essence of that company’s brand to truly understand what makes them unique. Clients see that and can feel a mutual connection over the message they are trying to send together.

When asked what marketing is to him, he stated, “knowing what the client is trying to accomplish, who they are as a brand, and using that knowledge to create success for them through all sorts of different media.” That’s why Matt loves working here. Every day he is able to come to work and collaborate with the rest of the team to create powerful stories and content that connect the brand to its audience. 

In his free time, you can find Matt hanging out with friends and watching movies. Being the movie nerd he is, count on him critiquing the entire thing. With the exception of, “The Shawshank Redemption.” In his eyes, this is one of the best stories ever told with some of the best directing of all time. This just proves an editor's brain never stops editing. It’s pretty obvious he is in the right field and will continue to grow his skill set every day knowing that will give him new opportunities to expand his career at Savage Media.