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Mary Ellen Romero

Brand Manager

Mary Ellen has recently graduated from IUPUI with a degree in Public Relations. She has a versatile past in communication and we have been excited to see how she’s relayed those skills to Savage Media. Being an avid golfer her entire life has not only brought on someone we can use in a business scramble out on the course, but a sense of understanding people of all different walks of earth. After ending her golf career at Ball State, confused, she packed a bag and went to New York at 19. Working for a makeup company where she ended up creating looks for over 15 designers at a time. She describes this time as an experience of just using a different medium in marketing.

After a year of running back and forth from New Orleans to New York, she knew she wanted to get back home and finish her degree. Completing that in May of 2021, she began her job search. Being particular with her options, she knew she wanted to work at Savage Media the second she walked in the door. Always describing her ideal work environment as a place where the entire team is ready to help each other and talk openly about their ideas to bring them to the next level, she knew she found that here.

With that energy around her, she has been able to write the exact form of content we needed. She’s taken on writing copy for our website such as articles and collaborating with each team member to help on whatever they need. When it comes to clients we’ve seen the effort she puts in to get the perfect tone and message across. Her process starts by researching everything about the company; from talking to each member of the Savage Media team to reading their business plans. She wants to understand every piece of the puzzle to get the outcome she wants. A piece of written content can change the way a brand is looked at. Not to mention, it can create a line of ongoing content.

She can come up with content ideas that stem from being an imaginative only child. Where she was always creating new endings to stories, which was a flaw in grade school but an asset in writing for Savage Media. Surprisingly, being an only child meant anything but boring, she never had a dull moment in a home filled with animals and family at all times. She was always watching movies and finding that she loved the way a story could be told. From a young age, she knew that is what she wanted to do, be able to bring someone else’s story to life.

Mary Ellen thrives off of being able to learn something new every day. Since being at Savage Media she has taken that need to learn and hasn’t stopped. With every new lesson, she becomes a better, more skilled content creator and marketer.