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Social Media Manager

Ashley makes sure every story being told is captivating and eye catching to the audience. She goes above and beyond for the client when they have a goal that is based on what their viewers see. If you have a story, message, or goal that you do not know how to execute to your audience through social media, Ashley will do that and not stop until there are analytical and tangible results to show that.

Ashley joined the team of Savage Media in May of 2021. She has gained her experience in social media through her personal online boutique where she organically grew her following. She started on that path after being a visual merchandiser who worked with brands all over the board but focused in clothing. That’s when she realized that all of the clothes she was putting on display were being made for such little money and being sold for astronomical prices. She thought, “I could do that..” so she did. 

After about a year of running her online boutique and growing her online following from nothing to over 4,000 customers, she was ready to take on a new challenge. When she found Savage Media she knew this was it. Ashley already found her voice, now she wanted to try finding someone else's. The challenge is what brought her in, but the culture is what kept her here. Describing it as an open, collaborative environment that is understanding when life happens, she never wanted to be just a number that could be replaced the next day. She loved that everyone came from different backgrounds and all worked together to create the best outcome for the client.

Within the short time that she has been here she’s already made a huge impact. When first put on a big account, she was in charge of creating and growing that client’s Facebook group. In a matter of 5 months she took that Facebook group from 0 followers to 2,000. When she started she was asking potential new members to join, now they are the ones asking her each week. She is a rockstar for her clients and they never have to question whether or not she can get the job done. It’s just considered done. 

That’s the most exciting part for her, being able to see a client’s social media following grow after she has taken over. She prides herself in walking in the client’s shoes and seeing what their public needs from their brand. This comes from the extensive discovery process that the entire team goes through together. Ashley understands what needs to be said and how to say it. In the future, she knows Savage Media will grow and she hopes to be leading a team of social media managers.

When she's not doing badass work for clients she is most likely outdoors making memories with her son. If she can find the time, she's catching up on her reality TV, which consists of “Too Hot To Handle” or “Love Island.” Everyday, she is driven to work hard to provide a great life for her son, much like her mother did for her. She looks up to her mom as an inspiring role model who showed her what it meant to work hard and prove you can always get to where you want to be if you put your mind to it. 

Ashley’s mind is always on the client at hand. She has proven that hard work and tenacity will always lead her to a remarkable outcome. With Ashley on your side, you can’t lose.